Waterfall obsessed: Buttermilk Falls

buttermilkfalls5The boys really didn’t want to go anywhere today. It was a very rare slow paced morning, so I let the morning unfold as it should. I did my morning yoga and thought about my intentions for the day. Don’t you know that my little brain thought about dipping toes into icy riverbeds and the revitalizing feeling that only the fine mist fresh from a waterfall can provide?  So with a little coaxing (lunch, snacks, AND ice cream were promised) we set off for Buttermilk Falls. I had never been to these falls but had just seen pictures from my friend, Marissa’s adventures there with her kids. It looked so plush and green, I wanted to see them for myself. They did not disappoint. The falls were a bit busier with people than we’re used to but I think that’s because it was a holiday weekend and the fact that you really don’t have to ‘hike’ to get to them. There’s literally a parking lot across the road. You park and right there, 100 feet from your car, is this huge majestic waterfall. So truly this waterfall is great for those with tiny kids who aren’t hikers yet or folks with injuries/disabilities that prevent them from hiking to see some great big falls.  I laid eyes on those mossy ledges and I knew I wanted to be up there. The mist, the moss under my feet, the chilly pools of water. It was all so incredibly beautiful. I already told Vader that I intend to come back on a quiet weekday and actually meditate and practice up there. There are some beautiful flat spots up in the waterfall and I just think it would be so amazing to root down and breathe up there.  buttermilkfalls1buttermilkfalls3buttermilkfalls4buttermilkfalls7webbuttermilkfalls2webRight along side the falls, is a steep trail that leads up to the Appalachian Trail. We really weren’t that interested in hiking today as much as we were in picnicking and wading in the stream. Here’s a link for more information about Buttermilk Falls and nearby trails from GetOutsideNJ.com. The site’s an excellent resource for things to do in Jersey and a bit beyond too.