Sharing Art with Kids: MASS MoCA

moca1Our friends, Jeannine and Chris, were absolutely so lovely to share one of their favorite places with us a few weeks ago. We had never been to the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art before (or MASS MoCA, as it is affectionately dubbed) and were so very delighted they invited us from the moment we step foot into the building. tasty metaphorsHaving seen reincarnations as a saw mill,  a textile factory, an electric company,  and now a museum, the gorgeous industrial space has such an expansive sprawling feel, it just feels right to slowly meander from room to room. We wondered what every next turn would hold. mass moca2 mass moca1 mass moca3There were so many beautiful exhibits to see. Photos posted here were just some of our favorites. It was really intriguing to see Jeannine and Chris, who are both artists, interact with their son around the exhibits. Personally, Vader and I talk about art on a daily basis. Not in a ridiculous high brow kind of way, but Finn is a painting machine (or Monster depending on who you talk to) and we like to talk to him about shape and color and brushes and you know, just basic art stuffs. Just trying to build his foundation!mass moca7Children are so curious, I adore standing in front of a beautiful piece of art with my kids and then saying “How do you think they did that?” and then listen to their little wheels turn. They always come up with the most brilliant answers! It’s always so beautiful to see other parents who love and share art with their kids in a way that’s meaningful to them. We spent a good long while talking about all the textures on the piece below. We wished we could touch it.mass moca4One of the highlights of our trip was the Octagon Room by Mark Dion, which felt like a mini museum inside the museum. An ecclecticly curated treasure trove of books, trinkets, and ephemera, I felt like I was in a Wes Andersen movie. mass moca5 mass moca6Possibly everyone’s favorite exhibit was Xu Bing: Phoenix. Just the sheer scale of the Phoenix makes it something to behold. Finn and I laid on the ground underneath it, with lovely soft light flooding through the tall windows and looked at it from a new perspective. It was beautiful to have that moment with him. I will never forget that.mass moca8Not to be forgotten either: new baby skin,colin at mass moca webrunning under art with reckless abandon, finn at mass moca webFinn and Vader discussing art,finn and da at mass moca web and my baby boy, Liam, really not a baby anymore.liam at mass moca web It was a beautiful day. Museums are some of our family’s most favorite and sacred places. They hold a special place in our hearts. Do you have a favorite museum you like to share with others? How do you talk to your children about art? I would love to know!