AFK (Away from Keyboard)

fall 2013Hello there friend! I can scarcely believe that it is fall, never mind blustery November. Well, it’s blustery here in Northeast PA. I used an ice scraper on my windshield on Friday for pete’s sake! but I digress. It’s good to be back here, I’ve honestly missed you all! I had several titles picked out for this post. “Hiatus” was an obvious one. “In which she becomes High Expectations Asian Father” was another. I really liked “The Care and Feeding of Nerds” but I’m actually going to save that for a future post. AFK seemed most appropriate given my actual circumstances.

So, this September Liam decided he wanted to go to private school. After 2 years of homeschooling and 5 years of alternative Earth based education, he said he wanted to attend a brick and mortar school that would be a true challenge for him. We fully supported his decision and enrolled him. Tim and I are really go with the flow kind of people. (Tim’s way more mellow than I am, hence why he’s stay-at-home super dad and I’m the slave to the grind.)  So years ago when we talked about homeschooling, our kids wanted it, we researched it, talked about it, and then supported their free-range education. We were dedicated to the cause. The exact same was true for Liam’s decision this year. We fully embraced the move and his decision to move towards a more challenging but traditional classroom. It’s been a learning process. The acclimation from free form ‘roll out of bed at 10 am’ home school kid to strict regimented private school was a bit of an adjustment for both him and us. Pick up/drop off schedules, uniforms, dances, and an array of daily assignments, tests, and quizzes have kept us on our toes. (Not to mention keeping this mama away from her computer or her yoga mat.)  One semester into the school year and I’m proud to say he’s doing really well. It’s actually kind of validating to see him doing so well. As parents we make choices that we’re never quite sure is the absolute right decision for our kids. It took a leap of faith for us with homeschooling and now once again, with private school. It feels good to know that listening to my son and his desires for his education are proving to be good choices for him.

Since every post must include photos (that’s a myinvisiblecamera rule that shan’t ever be broken) here are some of Liam pre-homecoming dance. FYI, He’s F-L-Y. (for those who can’t spell he’s a pretty swell guy)homecoming1homecoming2 - Copy homecomingbowtie - Copysocks - Copyhomecoming4 - Copy