Quit trying to rush my summer

It started 2 weeks ago when I saw some yellow leaves falling from a tree on my morning drive to work. Then Free People started sending me cute little emails suggesting that I buy some suede boots and I was this close to hitting reply and writing in BOLD letters “Hold up there, Free People. Don’t you mean I should be buying that cute little beach cover-up that I’ve been eyeing for months now? I mean, Google knows that I’m looking at cheeky bikinis and gold necklaces, why can’t you figure that out? Oh and by the way, quit trying to rush my summer.” This post is written in full retaliation of fall, back to school, and suede boots.

We went to Asbury Park this past weekend because it’s August and we hadn’t stepped on a Jersey beach yet this summer. It had to be rectified. The weather was gorgeous. We all had our summer checklists to tend to. Liam on his quest to land the perfect rainbow. O Jogo Bonito! ap1 ap2 Vader finally agreed to try out a little AcroYoga. My yoga studio does these amazing Acro workshops each month and I’ve been trying to get him to go with me for ever now but for whatever reason, he wasn’t biting. Well I think he started coming around right about the time when I started measuring up potential acro partners (read: strangers, friends, passersby) by the size of their thighs. I’ll say this, it’s hard being upside down and giving direction at the same time.  Acroyoga classes are in our future for sure.ap3 ap10ap4 Finn’s checklist included jumping in waves, throwing sand on my sandwich and building sand castles. Let’s just say he accomplished everything with vim and vigor. Crunchy sandwiches, yay! said no one ever.ap5 I actually think that Asbury Park is one of the best kept secrets on the Jersey shore. There’s so much history and so may beautiful things to look at. I could’ve photographed forever. Everyone else wanted to eat. Buzzkills.ap6 ap7 ap8 ap9

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Hiking with kids: Ringing Rocks Park

The title of this post is slightly misleading because we hardly hiked at all on our trip to Ringing Rocks Park. We walked a little bit, we climbed over crazy boulder fields, and then we tried not to fall down a cliff. My friend Marissa suggested we go to ‘this park where the rocks sing and oh, there’s a waterfall.’  Marissa and I have been friends for 15 years now. She knows how to push my buttons. We don’t see each other all the time, maybe a few times throughout the year but things that will always connect us are our love for sleeping out under the stars, drinking girly drinks, and spending time in the woods. This past weekend we decided it had been far too long since we had seen each other and so we met in Upper Black Eddy, PA to breathe in some beautiful wild air and catch up on life and stories.

So it’s really not a hike because the boulder field in no more than 300 ft from the trailhead. An easy walk for everyone. These two were connected at the hip.ringingrocks6Immediately I noticed all the dimpled rocks. That’s when Marissa reminded me that this is “Ringing Rocks Park.’ People come from all over with their hammers to strike these rocks. Some sound just like you would imagine a hammer striking a rock would sound but some rocks actually ring and resonate! It’s a gorgeous sound. Seamus just appreciated the fact we let him loose with a hammer. ringingrocks1 ringingrocks13ringingrocks2 Of course, you put me in the middle of a rock pile and I’m going to try to do some yoga up there. ringingrocks10ringingrocks3 ringingrocks4 ringingrocks8 ringingrocks11 ringingrocks12 ringingrocks7ringingrocks14I know you’ve gotten all the way to the bottom of my post and you’re saying to yourself, “But where is the waterfall?” Truth is, the waterfall at Ringing Rocks is pretty disappointing . You have to scale down a crazy ridge to even get to it and it’s really not that amazing. Maybe if there had been more rain in the previous week it would have been more than this trickle but I don’t really see it. Here is a selfie that Riss and I took to document our waterfall adventure! If you would like to go swing a hammer on some boulders, you can find more info about the park here: http://www.buckscounty.org/government/parksandrecreation/parks/RingingRocks ringingrocks13

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Hiking with kids: Ricketts Glen State Park

Hello my friends! It’s been a little while but I want to thank everyone for all their love and patience while I’ve taken some down time here. I had a beautiful birthday with friends & family and unfortunately outdid myself a lil bit, resulting in a week long lupus flare-up. I also took the time to think about this blog and the direction I’d like to see it go in. This space has always been a reflection of what’s going on in my life and it will remain that always, authentic, for better or worse. So it’s likely that right along with photography, road trip adventures, and of course, my crazy family, you’ll also see more artistic endeavors, collaborations, a whole lotta yoga, and healthy living as I try to expand my horizons.

ricketts9It should come as no surprise that I love waterfalls. We like ‘em a whole lot. When people start talking about a place where 24!! waterfalls can be found in one state park, I listen. intently. and then I plot. We took the 2 hour drive out to Benton, PA with lots of hope.  I know this is going to sound unreal but sometimes my kids don’t want to get up real early on a Saturday to go hiking. They want to do things like play in Project Ares tournaments or sleep. Boorrinnng! So when I rip the boys from the comfort of their cushy headsets I better bring it. In this case, the ‘it’ better be amazing waterfalls. Ricketts Glen, you sure are pretty.

ricketts1 ricketts2 ricketts3 ricketts4 ricketts5 8 limb for web ricketts8 ricketts7 ricketts6 ricketts14 ricketts10 ricketts11 ricketts12 ricketts13 ricketts15

As you can see, Ricketts Glen waterfalls do not disappoint. There is a 3.5 mile loop that allows you to see 18 of the 24 waterfalls. One half is all down hill and then as you might imagine, the other half is really uphill. A lot of the trail is wet and slippery, make sure everyone in your group has proper footwear and is prepared to hike. Finn is a really amazing hiker, but definitely had to be carried through some precarious parts of the trail. If your little ones aren’t used to hiking long distances make sure you bring a hiking backpack to carry them. You will thank me. Profusely. All in all, the trails are gorgeous and worth every minute of the ride. Pack a lunch. Bring your yoga loving soul with you. Sit by a waterfall. Talk loudly because you can’t hear over the beautiful sound of the falls. You will love it.  More info can be found here: http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/stateparks/findapark/rickettsglen/

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Keeping your goals on track

throw your dreamswebJust this weekend marked the official beginning of summer. June is quickly coming to a close and so is the first half of the year. Can you believe it went by that fast? This week was the perfect time to look back at all those goals I set in January, see how far I’ve come, and redefine/hash out the steps to keep on the path to accomplishing them. As anyone who has set goals for themselves can testify, this can be daunting. and boring. and sucky. Yeah, I said it. Sometimes it’s hard to take a look at yourself in the mirror and say “Remember in January when you had such lofty dreams about playing the guitar? What have you been up to, slacker? Because that guitar ain’t gonna play itself.”  I mean, what if you really don’t care about playing the guitar anymore. Maybe you really want to play the xylophone. See? These are the tough inner dialogues that we have with ourselves when looking at our goals that sometimes we don’t want to face. And this is the EXACT reason why I don’t do it by myself at all. Every month or so (sometimes the ‘so’ really means 2 months), Kitty, Belle, and I pull out our laptops, log onto Skype, pour ourselves glasses of wine, and meet for our goals regroup session. Doing these sessions via Skype makes things so incredibly convenient and really gives us flexibility that we normally wouldn’t enjoy. I mean, it’s kinda amazing to roll out of the shower at 10pm on a Tuesday night after the kids have gone to bed, with wet hair and no make-up, and show up for your goal planning session. We try to keep the session to an hour or two but it really depends on how much revising we’ve done. We take turns, round robin, listing all our goals, where we are so far with them, if we’ve abandoned them or tweaked them, and then usually we ask for advice or help working a goal out. For me, this is worth every second of the process. Not only do I have 2 cheerleaders telling me I’m amazing and helping me reach my goals but they can give me an outsiders opinion as to how I should be tackling those goals. Sometimes when we work hard on our goals for so long, we tend to have blinders on about them. This past goal reworking session the girls gave me such absolute sage advice about my blog and its future that I walked away from the session feeling revitalized and focused on what needed to be done. My goal reworking was a success and I’m ready and psyched for the second half of the year. The quote above is one of my favorite’s from Anais Nin. I think it’s so remarkably important to go after your dreams, no matter how small or big. Take small steps every day towards it but take steps forward, none the less. If you never put your dreams out there, you never really know what’s even possible. Go. Do it. Make your own goal planning session group. Make July 1st your New Year. Start now. It’s a perfect time to start.

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Ozomatli play at Celebrate Brooklyn!

ozokids1 I’m going to tell you a secret. I’m going to let you know that I am old. Don’t tell your friends or anything. It’s just between you and me. How do I know that, you ask? It’s for the following reason that I know: I only like good music. It seems that a lot of the music being made now is horrible, lacks originality, and just generally a snoozefest for me. I end up listening to the same old bands that I’ve always listened to because they make me happy and because honestly, I can rely on them. I know they’re going to make me happy. So I reiterate, I am old. And get off my lawn while you’re at it. Anyway, one of my tried and true bands that I can always count on to make me smile and dance is Ozomatli. I checked their website a few months ago to see when they would be touring and to my surprise I found out they were doing kids shows now. They still tour as Ozomatli but when they do kids performances they headline as Ozokids. I was SUPER excited to see they would be playing in Prospect Park as part of the free concert summer series, Celebrate Brooklyn! This past weekend Finn and I made our way in to the city and met our friends Becca and Dave and their chibis at the show. It was such a great show. Celebrate Brooklyn! really does it right. There was a kids only dance section right up front (for you older people, you may remember this as the mosh pit) so everyone could have an unobstructed view of the band. It was beautiful weather. We danced. We sang. It was perfect.ozokids5 ozokids4 I’m putting this here just in case anyone was wondering what Finny looks like when he’s being sassy. It happens. Usually when I’m trying to tell him that he can’t sit on random people’s picnic blankets or touch their vicious dogs. Meanie mama.ozokids6 ozokids2 ozokids7 ozokids3 I love watching these kids play together. They’re best friends whether they know it or not. Becca and I have that predetermined. Best friends with best friend sons. It’s written in stone somewhere. ozokids8 ozokids9 ozokids10 I could learn a lot from watching Amelia’s handstands. She’s fearless. I need a little more of that in my yoga practice.ozokids11 ozokids12Such a good time. There are still so many shows to watch for the summer. Go to Celebrate Brooklyn’s site to check out upcoming shows and events to support the arts in Brooklyn by keeping them low cost or free  for the community.meandbec
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Creek Exploration at Delaware Water Gap

dunfieldcreek6Occasionally on the weekends I get ambitious. Everyone else has beautiful dreams of sleeping in until noon and gaming all weekend long and I have ambitious dreams of hiking up a mountain and doing yoga in a stream somewhere. Yeah, I know I’m strange. I actually expect my children to develop their eyesight and yes, I actually want their skin to be golden and tan. I want their little cheeks rosy from playing out in the sun all day and most assuredly, yes, I want them to say, “Thanks for shoving us out into the sun today, Mom. We’ll be shunned from our clan of vampire/translucent mole friends but that’s okay because I know you’re doing what’s best for me.” This past weekend was a beautiful lesson in compromise. I let everyone sleep in and game for hours. Then in the afternoon, we ventured rather close by to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Dunnfield Creek is this gorgeous, extremely accessible stream that runs along side the Appalachian Trail for a bit. Instead of hiking to the vista, we took a few hours to just explore the stream beds and enjoy the beautiful rush and whir of the water. Some of us skipped rocks. Some of us looked for fossils. Some of us stood in the middle of the waterfall and meditated. In the end, we all went home happy, warm, and rosy cheeked from playing in the sunshine all afternoon.dunfieldcreek3web dunfieldcreek1 Hide and go seek is so much more interesting when there are caves and echoes.dunfieldcreek4 dunfieldcreek9 dunfieldcreek7 dunfieldcreek12 Doesn’t this log look like an crocodile? I’ve got pareidolia. (Don’t try to front. You see it too.)dunfieldcreek13 dunfieldcreek10 dunfieldcreek11 dunfieldcreek5
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A girl date to Duke Farms

One of my best friends, Jheri, and I rarely get to see each other. It’s actually really sad how many times we’ve tried to get together only to have weather or illness or some other thing intervene and cause us to cancel plans. So last weekend we decided to fix that and made iron clad plans to see each other. Absolutely nothing was going to stop us from seeing each other! Our resolve paid off. Not only did we see each other but we got to shoot together, hike, and most importantly catch up on a million stories. And boy, do we have stories. Duke Farms is a gorgeous 2740 acre nature and wildlife habitat in Hillsborough, NJ that is free and open to the public. There are really a million things to do or see there (visit their website here for details) but the best part is that there are miles and miles of paved paths for those that would like to bike or skate and then trails for those more adventurous. We just wanted to shoot interesting things so we didn’t really consult the map and got lost in the beauty. Here are some of the highlights that Jheri and I captured that day.dukesfarm2 You know my yoga loving heart can’t resist a good waterfall.dukefarm6 dukefarm4 Jheri communing with the trees. I love this girl. Isn’t she adorable? I mean, look at those dimples. Come on!dukefarm3 dukefarm8 dukefarm7 This part of the farm freaked me out a bit, I’m not even gonna lie. As a Doctor Who fan, when you see a whole bunch of stone statues convening in an area, you slowly back away. Never turn your eyes away from them, don’t blink. Not even for a second. :) dukefarm5 My path to bird of paradise documented here. I’ll get my leg straight someday but for now I am loving the challenge and the journey.dukefarm1 dukefarm9web

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Waterfall obsessed: Buttermilk Falls

buttermilkfalls5The boys really didn’t want to go anywhere today. It was a very rare slow paced morning, so I let the morning unfold as it should. I did my morning yoga and thought about my intentions for the day. Don’t you know that my little brain thought about dipping toes into icy riverbeds and the revitalizing feeling that only the fine mist fresh from a waterfall can provide?  So with a little coaxing (lunch, snacks, AND ice cream were promised) we set off for Buttermilk Falls. I had never been to these falls but had just seen pictures from my friend, Marissa’s adventures there with her kids. It looked so plush and green, I wanted to see them for myself. They did not disappoint. The falls were a bit busier with people than we’re used to but I think that’s because it was a holiday weekend and the fact that you really don’t have to ‘hike’ to get to them. There’s literally a parking lot across the road. You park and right there, 100 feet from your car, is this huge majestic waterfall. So truly this waterfall is great for those with tiny kids who aren’t hikers yet or folks with injuries/disabilities that prevent them from hiking to see some great big falls.  I laid eyes on those mossy ledges and I knew I wanted to be up there. The mist, the moss under my feet, the chilly pools of water. It was all so incredibly beautiful. I already told Vader that I intend to come back on a quiet weekday and actually meditate and practice up there. There are some beautiful flat spots up in the waterfall and I just think it would be so amazing to root down and breathe up there.  buttermilkfalls1buttermilkfalls3buttermilkfalls4buttermilkfalls7webbuttermilkfalls2webRight along side the falls, is a steep trail that leads up to the Appalachian Trail. We really weren’t that interested in hiking today as much as we were in picnicking and wading in the stream. Here’s a link for more information about Buttermilk Falls and nearby trails from GetOutsideNJ.com. The site’s an excellent resource for things to do in Jersey and a bit beyond too.

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Hiking with kids: Hornbeck’s Creek Falls, PA

It’s getting to be that time of year around here. You know, that time of year when the warm air seeps in under the windows and door frames and with a ‘come hither’ finger curl beckons you outside. It whispers sweet little nothings about laying in the grass under cherry blossom trees or eating your lunch under a tree. It just so happens that when nature calls to me, I don’t just kinda listen to it. I wrap my arms around it and give it a big old bear hug. This is photographic evidence of me and spring k-i-s-s-i-n-g in a tree. We trekked out to Hornbeck’s Creek Falls this weekend to go hiking for the day. It was a bit breezier than the boys would’ve liked but after they got moving everyone warmed up to the idea. This was Finn’s first time hiking all by himself. We didn’t even bring the baby pack. And in case you are wondering, that is not a fly swatter my baby is carrying there. That would be his ‘fern swatter’ or ‘dragon sword.’ Plastic fly swatters are all the rage with montessori, I’m told.indiansteps1 indiansteps2 indiansteps3 indiansteps4 Finn only recently discovered the joy of dandelions. Unfortunately, he sometimes enjoys them in his mouth.indiansteps5 indiansteps6 indiansteps7Selecting rocks is serious business. Throwing them back is almost as serious. Almostindiansteps9 indiansteps8There are amazing mushrooms growing everywhere. I will only share this one photo out of the 100 that I took for the sanity of my readers.indiansteps10 indiansteps11 So I must tell you that if you plan on making the trip to Hornbeck’s Falls, you should a. be prepared to walk through some knee deep river crossings or b. shimmy across a series of precariously placed logs. Over the winter a bridge washed out and it is no longer a dry journey to get back to the falls. We were going to turn back because we didn’t think we could carry Finn and my camera bag, all while crossing the strong post-storm current but alas, Vader would not hear of it. He-Man went down river, found a remnant of the washed out bridge and hauled it to make an impromptu bridge. Once we got to the center of the river, he then hauled our bridge to the other side so we could cross the last leg of the creek, classic team building style.  Perseverance, kids. Perseverance.indiansteps12  I’ll just say hardcore parkour.indiansteps13 I sat by this mossy tree and worked on lotus for a bit. Lotus is really hard for me since I broke my ankle in a drunken New Year’s eve stupor one year and never got the bone set. Ah, to be 19 and stupid, but I digress. I think the moss really helped. (if only I could line my mat with it at home)indiansteps14 indiansteps15 When we got back to the falls, I immediately spied a beautiful flat spot in the middle of the creek. Of course it was inaccessible from the path but did that stop my little yogini heart? Absolutely not. Liam, my ever vigilant camera assistant, had my back and endured, only God knows how many, wild injuries walking through pricker bushes, across logs, and rotting driftwood piles.  My other boys sat and enjoyed the falls from the comfort of the dry banks.indiansteps16 I only just built up enough shoulder strength to do urdhva dhanurasana (wheel pose) so I’ve been doing it anywhere people will let me, waterfalls included. My daily yoga practice is such an important part of my life as it provides me with balance, energy, and a vibrance that I haven’t felt, well, ever, nevermind since being diagnosed with lupus. I am so grateful to have been able to get out to that space and just breathe and ground myself to the earth, even if just for a moment or two. We had an absolutely amazing time at the falls, I highly reccommend it. Here’s a link for directions and info.

indiansteps17 indiansteps18 indiansteps19
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This is Mothers Day

mothersdayThis photograph is Mother’s Day. It says all the words that I can’t say about this day because I turn into an emotional mess when I start to write about it.  It says that on some days I put my camera down and just focus on experiencing every moment with my boys, fully and completely. It says that my boys are conscientious and thoughtful and really good gift givers. Perhaps, most importantly, it says that my kids love me unconditionally and for who I am and that happens to be a complete dork with a penchant for knee socks and time lords. I <3 <3 Mother’s Day.

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Colin turns one

Sometimes in the big wide world it happens that tiny little babies who were once so small that they could fit in your pocket, grow up and turn one. I know, I was as shocked as you are but it’s true. Sometimes they have grown so big that their fat little legs won’t fit in their overalls. (This happens to be a cute kid problem. Once you’re an adult, not so much.)colin2 Sometimes you like to play the bongos and everyone thinks this is adorable. Well because it is.colin3 Sometimes your Granny will snuggle up on the couch with you for special birthday hugs.colin1 Sometimes when it’s your first birthday your dad gives you chips.colin4 Sometimes when you turn one you also happen to be teething and you suddenly like pacifiers. Mustache pacifiers happen to be better because you can twist the ends and look like a dastardly villain but of course, you’re not, you’re only one.colin5 Sometimes when it’s your first birthday they let you drive all by yourself. They even let you climb out the window like one of the Dukes of Hazzard. Only you’re one and don’t know who Bo or Luke are.colin6 Sometimes they’ll let you sit in the grass and play with bicycle wheels. They are the best thing ever.colin8 Sometimes on your birthday you get really amazing gifts like fancy tricycles and everyone wants to take you for a ride in it. colin9  Sometimes on your birthday your brother plays in the firetruck tent with you and you have so much fun you knock the whole thing over. Multiple times. colin10 colin11 Sometimes your birthday is particularly draining and your Aunt will give you a refreshing bottle and let you play with her glasses. She makes you laugh, she’s the best.colin12 Sometimes on your birthday your uncle will share his chips with you because you give him your cutest smile. The arm rolls help too. colin14 Sometimes on your birthday there are owl shaped cupcakes with star candles in them. The light is so pretty.colin18 And sometimes your mom has the great idea to put a hat on you. Hats are terrifying.colin16 Sometimes people think that’s funny. You aren’t amused. In the least.colin17 And always on your first birthday, your mom hugs you and holds you tight because today is an amazing celebration of life and she keeps saying that you’re such a big boy but then she looks at your face and calls you her baby. Her eyes get sparkly when she does this. You think she’s the prettiest person on the whole planet and it’s the absolute truth. colin13 colin15

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Blinded by Science: Visiting the USA Science & Engineering Festival

I’ve been waiting for the USA Science & Engineering Festival since January, when I pre-registered everyone in my family. I put the event into my phone, I circled it on my calendar, and then I loudly announced to everyone who would hear it that we were going to DC in April for the raddest science festival ever! You should probably know that I sometimes get a little inspired with my hyperbole when it comes to science. Science has always been something I thought was interesting but never really thought I was good at…until freshman year of high school when I took biology. Oh, biology was scary at first. It was the biggest textbook I had ever seen and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep up since I have this real annoying habit of tuning teachers out when things get a bit complex for me. Nonetheless, a strange thing happened that first month of school. I became fascinated with biology. I loved the hands on experiments. I wanted to breed fruit flies and see what anomalies we could create. I was obsessed with figuring out recessive traits for people. It was like this crazy fun game where I was a fortune teller and I could tell you your future. Do you remember those origami paper fortune teller games that little girls played? You could tell your friends if they were going to get married, live in a house or apt, and how many kids they would have. Well, that’s what science felt like to me. I could unwrap the mysteries of the universe with a grid and some careful thinking. Biology was the best science class I ever had. So here’s the thing, I muddled through science for the next 3 years but never felt the same excitement or success as when I played with those little grids of recessive genes or those petri dishes of agar. I really wish that at some point someone had said to me, “You’re really good at biology, let’s focus on that” or maybe even “There are so many things a person can do when they study science. Here’s a book of all the things you could be. Aren’t they cool?”  So go back to January when I got the email that there was a free amazing science festival taking place in Washington DC, that girl from freshman year biology squealed with delight. She looked carefully at the website, decided what talks she would seek out, and then waited. patiently. for 4 months. Ok, it was torture waiting that long but I survived and had the most amazing time. I love that the festival is an opportunity to shows kids every cool science and tech job that there is out there and I especially love that it exposes them to it in a meaningful and engaging way. It’s basically a science carnival complete with games, rides, amazing music (Did I mention that They Might Be Giants played 2 shows there?), and tons of free stuff. So many great colleges and companies were there, playing games, and making STEM fun and accessible to everyone, even little girls with doubt about their ‘science abilities’. I watched as my boys delighted in everything there was in those halls of wonder and I was so pleased because I felt like I was doing my part to make sure they knew how amazing science and tech could be. I can say only super amazing things about the USA Science & Engineering Festival. These pictures are proof of how awesome it was. We had a great time at the festival and Washington DC in general. They have the festival every year. Maybe we’ll see you there next time. scifest1 scifest2 scifest3 scifest4 scifest5 scifest6 scifest7 scifest8 scifest9 scifest11 scifest12


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